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A club dedicated to one of Bioware's most powerful characters from the video game franchise "Dragon Age".

All hail Flemeth the Shapeshifter and Elder Witch of the Wilds.

I started this group because after seeing all the other ones dedicated to various support characters such as Tamlen, Jowan, Bann Teagan, Cullen, The Architect, Loghain and Anora Mac Tir, etc... in said game, I wondered as to why Flemeth in particular did not have one of her own.

Also, just because Morrigan's cleavage catches just about everyone's attention, it doesn't mean that her own mother should be ignored despite being less popular,

This fanclub will accept any deviation featuring Flemeth from Dragon Age regardless of whether it is literature, illustration, drawing, art work, photography, cosplay, screen shot, painting, pictorial manipulations, or just about any other kind so long as Flemeth is featured in it.

We affiliate with any group that is related to the following:

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Mass Effect
Jade Empire
Balder's Gate
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

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Please also visit our daughter club ---> :iconmorrigan-fans:
Founded 7 Years ago
Mar 3, 2011


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171 Members
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- TheTrueDarkness
The game was released a little over two weeks ago, but in spite of its strong sales and good reception, I have yet to see the fanbase of certain characters make stronger overtures.

To keep it simple, I want to ask about what you thought of her appearance and role in this game.  Personally, I thought it was great that she still retained her look from DA2, although it felt a bit weird as well since the graphics for this mothership title in the series are so much better XD. And I'm pretty sure that you'll be in for a shock (provided you haven't seen the spoilers on YouTube or the Dragon Age Wikia) when you find out in one of the last main questlines that Flemeth is possessed by none other than Mythal (the ancient Elven goddess) just as Kieran (the son of Morrigan) shares a body with Urthemiel (the Dragon of Beauty). Then of course there is the post epilogue cutscene in which the Dread Wolf from Elven mythology comes in to steal Flemeth's soul. Or was it Flemeth possesing the body of the Dread Wolf? Kind of hard to tell.

For me, one of the best things about it was the soundtrack (check it out here…), even better than Origins if I might add. In any case, I highly recommend you guys play this game when you get the chance.

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Flemeth.... once i met here in DA2 and started to spoke out.... immediately i got a mindf@ck @.@

SHE IS VOICE BY KATE MULGREW!!! Who is an actor for Star Trek Voyager's Captain Janeway!!!

TheAbsoluteLight Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011

indeed she is

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Yeah she is. Turning into a Dragon, there's been many times where I wish I could do that in Dragon Age II, lol.
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Just finished DA2 and all I can think of (after the whole 'zomg did that just happen?!!) is that I want to draw more Flemeth. And make a new OC. And a short story. GAH Asha'belannar is stuck in my head!
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